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The means of verification was the use of a Confessor. Kahlan was the twin to the Sword of Truth, the sword he'd given up in order to find Kahlan. Kahlan, the. Confessor: Chainfire Trilogy, Part 3 (Sword Of Truth, Book 11). Confessor By Terry Goodkind v edited and formatted by DSuliuno CHAPTER 1 For the second. Get Instant Access to Phantom Confessor Sword Of Truth By Terry Goodkind # 2f9b68 [KINDLE PDF EBOOK EPUB]. Read Download Online.

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Sword Of Truth Confessor Pdf

terry goodkind sword of pdf terry goodkind sword of truth series books 10 11 phantom confessor Sword of Truth. Series. 15 primary works • 46 total works. Sword of Truth has 47 entries in the series. Faith of the Fallen. Sword of Truth ( Series). Terry Goodkind Author (). cover image of The First Confessor. american writer born in omaha phantom sword of truth 10 terry goodkind pdf book 10 pdf download confessor: chainfire trilogy, part 3, sword of truth, book.

Synopsis[ edit ] The series is set in a world divided into two major regions: the New World and the Old World. The New World consists of three lands with Westland in the west, D'Hara in the east and the Midlands in the center of the two. D'Hara is ruled by a magically gifted member of the Rahl family, while the welfare of the Midlands is decided by a council of representatives led by the Mother Confessor, who is also the leader of the Confessors. Westland, a land of no magic, is also ruled by a council of representatives. The Old World is not introduced until the second book in the series and its geographical features are described in less detail. Over the course of the series, Richard learns about his heritage while seeking to stop the evil that others would unleash upon the world of the living. Because Richard refuses to sacrifice his values and lives his life as a free man, others begin to understand the nobility of man and what it means to be free. Each book is loosely themed around a Wizard's Rule, tenets by which all wizards should abide. The eleventh full-length novel, Confessor , concludes the series' central story arc regarding the invasion of the Imperial Order, an empire in the Old World led by Jagang. Warheart was the last novel in the series.

It was kept in the Wizard's Keep since. George Cypher , however, figured out how to steal the book from the Wizard's Keep and took the book with him back to Westland. He then had his stepson, Richard Cypher also known as Richard Rahl since the second book, Stone of Tears , learn the book, word for word, from cover to cover.

Sword of Truth(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

Constantly, he had Richard write the book from memory then crosscheck it for errors. Eventually, Richard had memorized the entire book and the book was then destroyed, burned in a fire.

Words from the book Content of the Book of Counted Shadows The book starts with the words: Verification of the truth of the words of the Book of Counted Shadows, if spoken by another, rather than read by the one who commands the boxes, can only be insured by the use of a Confessor. In Legend of the Seeker, the book begins with: The truth of the words of the Book of Counted Shadows can only be ensured by a Confessor.

Sword Of Truth 11 Confessor 3

Somewhere between the start and the end: And when the three boxes of Orden are put into play, the snake vine shall grow. The book ends with the words: as Richard recited to Darken Rahl Once so arranged, Orden is at the ready to be commanded. Where one shadow is insufficient to gain the power to sustain the life of the player, and three more than can be tolerated by all life, the balance is struck by opening the box with two shadows; one shadow for yourself, and one for the world that would be yours to command by the power of Orden.

One world under one command is marked by the box with two shadows. Open it to gain your reward.

Book of Counted Shadows

Richard encounters a young woman by the name of Kahlan Amnell , who is a Confessor and has come from the Midlands in search of the "Old One" Wizard.

He discovers that his best friend and mentor, Zeddicus Zu'l "Zedd" Zorander , is the wizard whom she seeks. Furthermore, he finds himself appointed and accepting the role of the Seeker of Truth and wielding the Sword of Truth. The sword is said to work through perception, it will cut through anything thought of as an enemy; with any doubt the sword will stop mid-air, inches from the target.

The Sword also instills and amplifies great anger and rage thereby giving the one wielding it added strength, agility and conviction.

Richard, Kahlan and Zedd journey to the Midlands in search of the last Box of Orden that Rahl needs to acquire before he can use the magic of Orden. Along the way, Richard and Kahlan fall in love. The first book concludes with Richard killing Rahl by tricking him into making a mistake, and the revelation of Richard's true parentage. Invasion of the Imperial Order[ edit ] The series continues with Stone of Tears , which immediately follows the events that occurred in Wizard's First Rule.

Unbeknownst to Richard, the opening of the boxes of Orden has torn the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead, allowing minions of the Keeper of the Underworld to come forth.

However, before they can, they are separated when Richard is captured by the Sisters of the Light; they are women from the Old World, and they train men who can use magic to become wizards. On the way, she witnesses the beginning of the Imperial Order's invasion into the New World.

Upon reaching Aydindril, she discovers that her people have been corrupted by the Order; she is subsequently sentenced to death. Meanwhile, at the Palace of the Prophets the Sisters' home in the Old World , Richard learns more about magic, prophecies, and his identity. He escapes the Palace and returns to D'Hara to stop the Keeper from devouring the world of the living. The novel ends with Richard discovering that Kahlan is safe outside Aydindril with her identity shielded by Zedd, and Kahlan being reassured that Richard has returned to the New World.

Richard's plan to reunite with Kahlan is delayed by the arrival of the Mriswith and the advancement of Jagang's army into the New World in the third novel, Blood of the Fold. Kahlan is captured on her way back to Aydindril, along with the sorceress Adie, by the Blood of the Fold.

He takes this opportunity to destroy the Palace, preventing Jagang from using the treasures it holds. The fourth novel, Temple of the Winds , tells of the struggles Richard, Kahlan and their friends face as they attempt to stop a plague released by a Sister of the Dark under Jagang's control and to prevent Jagang from seizing important items that will help him win the war.

As Nathan Rahl retrieves books from Jagang under a tentative deal struck between them, he sends Zedd and Ann to destroy the prophecies found within the Jocopo Treasure. As foretold by prophecy regarding the plague, Kahlan betrays Richard in order for him to gain admittance into the Temple of the Winds, where he can then stop the plague. When Richard eventually returns, they forgive each other for their actions. However, the price of Richard's return includes that he has to leave with the plague.

With Nathan and Cara 's help, Kahlan is able to cure Richard of his plague. The plot concludes with Richard and Kahlan's wedding at the Mud People's village, where they are reunited with Zedd and Ann. Directly following Temple of the Winds, Soul of the Fire revolves around Richard and Kahlan dealing with the threat of all magic's disappearance and the leaders of Anderith, who are considering surrendering to the Imperial Order whilst they have a weapon of mass destruction called the Dominie Dirtch in their possession.

Richard and Kahlan discover that a terrible magic known as the "Chimes" has been released and is draining magic from the world, causing magic to fail and creatures of magic to die.

They head to Anderith, a land in the Midlands which they believe is connected to the Chimes. Moreover, as Jagang's army marches towards Anderith, Richard attempts to save the people of Anderith by urging them to join the D'Haran Empire but fails. Meanwhile, Ann attempts to save the Sisters of the Light under Jagang's control but is betrayed by them and is captured instead. She escapes with the help of her former student, who is a Sister of the Dark.

The novel ends with Richard banishing the Chimes and deciding to return to Westland, where he will help Kahlan recover from injuries sustained in Anderith and wait until the people of the New World prove to him that they truly want freedom.

The next volume in the series, Faith of the Fallen , chronicles more than one and a half years of the characters' lives.

Nicci , a Sister of the Dark and a follower of the Imperial Order, captures Richard and forces him to travel with her to the Old World by using a magical spell that allows her to control Kahlan's life. Kahlan assumes control of the army and stalls Jagang's army from capturing Aydindril, the seat of power in the Midlands.

When Kahlan finally sees that she cannot stop Jagang's army from seizing control of the Midlands, she travels to the Old World with Cara in search of Richard. One of the books was found in the secret catacombs of The Palace of the Prophets, another in the secret catacombs under The People's Palace, another was held in the First Wizard's Enclave in the Wizard's Keep , another in the secret catacombs of the Wizard's Keep and another in the secret tomb of Richard Rahl in Caska. The original text was found in the secret tomb of Nathan Rahl in the Bandakar Empire and can be identified by the wizard's mark in the beginning of the book.

The covering on the boxes may be removed by anyone with the knowledge, not only the one who has put them in play. Page 17, third paragraph down, states: If not, however, in the hours of darkness, but in the hours of the sun, covering may be removed from the second box in the following manner. Hold the box where the sun may touch it, and face north.

If there be clouds, hold the box where the sun would touch it if they were not present, but face west. Turn the box that the small end with the blue stone may face the quadrant with the sun. The yellow stone is to face up.

A Sword of Truth Set: The Chainfire Trilogy: Books 9-11

With the second finger of the right hand on the yellow stone in the center of the top, place the thumb of the right hand on the clear stone in the corner of the bottom. Place the first finger of the left hand on the blue stone on the side facing away, the thumb of the left hand on the ruby stone of the side closest. Clear your mind of all thought, and in its place, put nothing but the image of white with a square of black in its center.

Pull the two hands apart, taking the covering away with them. Like wind over a field of grass, all blades bend to Orden, for the one who wields the magic bends the will of all to the will of one.

Orden is a voracious wolf, its strength rivaled only by its insatiable appetite. Only one power can touch the beast's heart and tame it. Richard and Zedd interpret these lines to mean that the only way to possess the power of Orden without being corrupted and controlled by it is through a simultaneous Confessor's touch.

The wizards of old had four copies of The Book of Counted Shadows created, referring to the original as the 'key' to Orden's power.

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